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.This was the situation of Marius' mind.,"All right, all right," he said, throwing the bits under the table.."Well, and what are you going to do? Will you stay here if the enemy occupies the place?" asked Prince Andrew.! De Goblet fils c'est ici la fabrique;[14] ,"If we're caught, I won't be taken alive! I have a pistol," whispered he.!

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He had arrived in front of No. 50-52, and finding the door fastened, he began to assault it with resounding and heroic kicks, which betrayed rather the man's shoes that he was wearing than the child's feet which he owned.,At the Moskowa, French, thirty-seven per cent; Russians, forty-four. At Bautzen, French, thirteen per cent; Russians and Prussians, fourteen..CHAPTER XXI ,The two children, picked up by some policeman and placed in the refuge, or stolen by some mountebank, or having simply strayed off in that immense Chinese puzzle of a Paris, did not return.."Dear Natalie," said Princess Mary, "I want you to know that I am glad my brother has found happiness...."...what you can to keep going...,!

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"He's cook to some prince.","Only she lets her love of her husband and children overflow all bounds," said the countess, "so that it even becomes absurd."!The invasion pushes eastward and reaches its final goal- Moscow. That city is taken; the Russian army suffers heavier losses than the opposing armies had suffered in the former war from Austerlitz to Wagram. But suddenly instead of those chances and that genius which hitherto had so consistently led him by an uninterrupted series of successes to the predestined goal, an innumerable sequence of inverse chances occur- from the cold in his head at Borodino to the sparks which set Moscow on fire, and the frosts- and instead of genius, stupidity and immeasurable baseness become evident..Jean Valjean knew no more where he was going than did Cosette. He trusted in God, as she trusted in him..Ordinarily, I am believed. I have rendered you service on various occasions....;


opportunity, death of others, occasion fitting virtue. But chiefly, tile mould of ,But the bourgeois must not see it pass--and then, it is a calash; it would require two horses.",These sudden congealments in the state of revery, which a single word suffices to evoke, do occur.;? Leo Tolstoy,,"There are wines poorer even than these. The grapes must be gathered while green.",,;...

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..CHAPTER XII , ,Certainly, despotism remains despotism, even under the despot of genius.,,Nothing left to talk about! It's all talked out! Nothing left now but to cut his fuckin' throat!,"Shall I loose them or not?" Nicholas asked himself as the wolf approached him coming from the copse. Suddenly the wolf's whole physiognomy changed: she shuddered, seeing what she had probably never seen before- human eyes fixed upon her- and turning her head a little toward Rostov, she paused.,He never passed this man without giving him a few sous.;

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    ...The proprietor of the stall said to them: "You cannot live here any longer.;Marius saw the hole in the wall shining with a reddish glow which seemed bloody to him., PART 15,"Will you?" began Brujon again.!Listen!",me errors of aged men amount but to this; that more might have been done, or sooner. ,All the revolutions of Europe since 1792 are the French Revolution:,Breaths....Et ce cher portrait du divin Shakespeare!

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    CHAPTER XIV ,Stay, let us pass miseries in review, let each one contribute his pile, you are as rich as we....BOOK TEN: 1812.;cigar, 5 centimes.,He wanted to make it good. The little horse was courageous, and pulled for two; but it was the month of February, there had been rain; the roads were bad. And then, it was no longer the tilbury.,Andy Dufresne...,"Oh, yes, father.".